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The vape cartridge is the common cartridge you often find black-market cartridges, in other brands, and they have a variety of either silver or gold metal tips, depending on the flavor you try. We decided to first try the Purple Punch and to our satisfaction the flavor was delicious, it had a taste of a grape soda/juice. It produced a mental and body high that felt extremely relaxing;

 Another flavor we tried was the Maui Wowie which gave us a hint of a lemon or lime flavor, something we didn’t expect as a Maui Wowie flavor should have a more tropical flavor.

Luckily, even though the flavor was surprising we did get a quality sense of relaxation from the high it produced. While the quality of high it produced was nice, the oil seems to appeal only to those who don’t mind the size of the cloud it produces, because both vape cartridges did not produce many clouds. While we had a good experience with this vape cartridge.